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artist statement

Throughout my work I look at nature and our attitudes towards it. I am in awe of the physical world with its designs, rules and mysteries.  I love how this fascinating world teeming with Life is both cradle and grave to the most intriguing creature of all: us.


In some of my work I try to recreate natural elements, like a small area of grass lawn.  I take the production of these particular pieces to obsessive levels of make-believe while using obvious artificial means like acrylics, personalized colors and patterns.  Thus creating idealized Parcels of soil where human and natural elements do not compete, but rather complement each other in apparent harmony.


 Bioforms are works (mostly charcoal based) inspired by shapes found in nature with sometimes familiar references (like fish, mountains, microorganisms...), that are distorted and re contextualized, sometimes within other forms, to the point where they become something else, something mutant, but still with an organic or "natural" feel to it.


In my series of Relics I take organic life (like earthworms or agave plants) and project a light through them, paying them homage while summoning a primal longing to go back to the earth.  Yet this "tribute" is accomplished using plastics, synthetic fibers and artificial lights.


Of all the beings that are defined by their habitat, we seem to be the only ones who struggle with it, and it is upon this struggle that my creations are built.  I don't hide my hand or synthetic sensibilities.  Instead, I incorporate them into the organic flow of the pieces.  I approach nature the only way we seem to know how, and that is by using artifice, and in doing so I hope that ultimately something will be revealed about our selves and our part in this play we call Life.

about the artist

Born into the arts in Puerto Rico, Augusto Marín Rodas is considered one of the most forceful emerging artists of the contemporary Puerto Rican art scene by art historian Rubén Moreira, Ph.D. Marín Rodas has exhibited his work in many national and international exhibitions including his highly praised solo exhibition Biocrucis at the prestigious Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in 2005. 


The artist earned his M.F.A. at Brooklyn College under the guidance of MacArthur Foundation Fellowship recipient Elizabeth Murray and Vito Acconci. He is considered one of the main culprits in the controversial show Plan B, censored by the Brooklyn Parks Commission and subsequently reopened in 2006 in Dumbo, under the new title Plan C(ensored): Plan B Prevails.

Marín Rodas lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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